At Hillcrest, we hold our buildings and employees to the highest standard.

        We pride ourselves on impeccable cleanliness and maintenance. Our live in superintendents provide round the clock service, quickly eradicating any maintenance issues as they arise. Our attentive cleaning staffs maintain the buildings daily to the best quality- even our boiler and garbage rooms are spotless. These two aspects of our business plan are the source of constant praise from clients and tenants.

        Our properties are extremely service enriched, prolonging their ability to provide a stable, cleanly home for aging senior citizens.

Hillcrest Management buildings have been recognized for quality by several local, state and county organizations. We have been consistently top-rated by HUD and NJHAMA for subsidized senior housing.

       In addition to our attention to detail in maintenance and appearance, fiscal responsibility is central to our business plan. We carefully mange our finances to assure that resources are being utilized effectively and appropriately. We use our large buying power to get discounted utilities, providing high quality but affordable services for our tenants. Because we have been in the business for so long, we know who does the best at what. We have accumulated a large network of low cost, high quality contractors- allowing us to reduce cost without sacrificing caliber. Our financial attentiveness allows us to run our buildings responsibly and efficiently.

     When we take on a new project, we immediately start bringing the building up to highest quality. Then we implement procedures and hire employees to keep it that way. Every building we acquire, is left in significantly better condition and with increased productivity. All of our building have large reserve accounts, regardless of whether they did when we got them.

In summary, everything we do, we do to the highest possible quality and standard.