Hillcrest Management was founded in Newark, NewJersey in the late 1970s. 

About Us


 While searching for affordable housing for a family member, our founder, Fred Federici was astounded by the lack of quality senior housing in the area.  When he went to the State Housing Agency to talk about the options, they explained there was nothing, instead they told him "you could build one". And so he did.  


 After realizing that the building would be filled with members of the neighborhood he knew and loved, Fred became committed to making the quality of the building that of a true home.  


 This building was kept immaculately and all tenant concerns were met. This contributed to the true community that existed and continues to exist within our buildings. Fred began to realize If you give people a beautiful place to live, they will respect it- and you, immensely. 

And so started our 40 year philosophy of treating tenants like family and making sure our buildings are not just a "house", but a home they can be proud to live in and we can be proud to own.